Pecos Pete's Soda stand at a nighttime festival in texas.
Pecos Pete's western themed soda stand set up for event catering.

Our story begins just west of weird in Dripping Springs, Texas. After spending over 20 years in sales I decided to act on my prolonged goal of becoming an entrepreneur and owning my own piece of the American Dream. The result was a true Texas based company that is family owned and operated here in the Hill Country. The name Pecos Pete's derived from my father who has been a great supporter in my business endeavors.

We created All Natural products made with Pure Cane Sugar to better serve our local population. Our Western themed stands can be found at local events throughout the state of Texas and surrounding areas. Our saloon menu includes a wide assortment of collectible mugs which include unlimited daily refills of our craft beverages.
Get Yer Mug On!

Pecos Pete's handwritten signature
A barrel of Pecos Pete's Round Rock Root Beer soda

Recapture those childhood memories with Pecos Pete's Root Beer. A creamy full bodied flavor with enough bite to keep you coming back for more.

A barrel of Pecos Pete's Crockett Cream Soda at an oklahoma event

One of our most popular flavors and the cure for any sweet tooth. A creamy vanilla soda that will evoke memories of your youth.

A barrel of Pecos Pete's Sweetwater Sarsaparilla soda ready for an event in texas

A challenge to spell but a pleasure to drink. Very similar to our Root Beer with a hints of licorice and vanilla. This is one you just have to try!

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    We just had Pecos Petes for the very first time at Shrimporee in Aransas Pass, TX and it made the entire day BETTER!!! The flavors were spot on and really unique! The best cream soda and lemonade by far!!!!!

    Julie W, Facebook

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    This place is amazing! Love the huckleberry soda! Absolutely the BEST and to top it all off ALL Natural! It made our day so much better! Love it!!

    Steve G, Facebook

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    Love having Pecos Pete's at Rabbit fest in Copperas Cove! As a vendor, the unlimited refills are something I absolutely love and look forward to every year! I just want some Birch beer ;) the tea this year is fabulous!!

    Tara C, Facebook