Pecos Pete character riding a tornado and holding a mug of root beer

The Man. The Myth. The Legacy.

According to the legend, Pecos Pete was born in Texas during the 1850’s. As a child Pete was separated from his family during a Thunderstorm near the Pecos River, all he had to keep him from going hungry was a bottle of Root Beer. During his teens, Pete’s love for Root Beer only grew stronger and he learned how to brew his own custom batch.

Perfecting his recipes over the years, Pete decided to open his very own Soda Saloon - that’s when tragedy struck, while Pete was brewing up a batch of his famous Sarsaparilla a twister came into town. As the twister approached his Saloon, Pete reached for the first thing he could find, a rattlesnake running from the storm. Pecos Pete snatched the snake by the tail and lassoed the twister just moments before it destroyed his Saloon. Legend has it that he kept the twister as his pet, feeding it barrels of Soda. Thus the legend of the Soda Bubble Twister was born.

Now, years later Pecos Pete's legacy lives on in our line of Natural Sodas and Teas. Made in Texas, from a secret recipe - The way Pecos Pete would have done it.

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